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Our Process

1. Style Proposal

We compose well-written structured documents which we provide our clients with to outline their needs and interior design services. We will lay out our ideas, scope of work, pricing as well as business and design-specific information related to the project in the proposal.

2. Space Planning

While we do space planning, we describe the process of determining the purpose, functional requirements, and basic layout of specific areas in our clients home or commercial building. It is an essential part of the interior design process.

3. Renders & Presentations

3D rendering is an innovative digital tool we use to create an image which allows us to present the project idea in a way that provides our clients with an immersive experience that can only be surpassed by a real-life representation of the actual space we are working with.

4. Documentation & Technical Drawings

These documents and drawings include plans, elevations, sections, details, ceiling plans, finishes schedules, and mechanical information such as electrical, lighting, plumbing, air conditional, and heating plans.

5. Project Management & Financial Planning

We offer Interior Design Project Management in which we ensure all aspects of our client’s project are planned for, coordinated and the execution is planned to perfection. Interior Design projects require a high-level of coordination. Financial planning is part of the process and is the factor in which we determine how the project will achieve its strategic goals and objectives within our client’s budget.

6. Installation

Installation in interior design refers to the creative and artistic arrangement of objects, artwork, or decorative elements within a space to evoke a specific ambiance and captivate the senses. It goes beyond mere decoration, as it aims to create an immersive and thought-provoking experience for the occupants. Installations often incorporate various materials, lighting, and spatial considerations to transform a room into a cohesive and visually compelling environment. Whether it's a gallery-style exhibit within a living room, a striking focal point in a commercial space, or a thoughtfully curated display in a hotel lobby, installations have the power to infuse character and tell a unique story within the interior, making them an essential tool for interior designers to craft memorable and engaging spaces.

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