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5 tips for choosing furniture and getting it right

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

While furnishing and decorating a new home is a stage that is experienced with tremendous excitement, the lack of practice could leave you feeling worn out. As a result, we wish to give you some pointers so you can hit the mark the first time.

Each of us has imagined the home of our dreams. But in practice, it might be difficult to find furniture for your home that is perfectly tailored to your needs and way of life: perhaps the sofa you want is too big for your living room, you require additional storage, or it just exceeds your budget.

These are all frequent problems that we could assist you with. These 5 fundamental guidelines can assist you in selecting the appropriate furniture, whether it's for a brand-new home or to refurbish the one you already own.

1. Design: define your style

You must pause and consider your actual style, the one that fits both your personality and way of life, before you begin browsing for furniture. Being too fashion-obsessed or making rash purchases may cause you to rapidly grow tired of what you purchase, and since it is not a tiny investment, you will have to put up with the poor decision for a considerable amount of time.

You must first seek inspiration if you want to identify your personal style. Keep the photos that you really like if you appear like something you like. While acquiring visual culture and standards may take some time, it is crucial to know what you truly enjoy.

2. Functionality: analyze your needs

Making the common mistake of outfitting your home with a couch, a television, a dining table and chairs, etc., is a common mistake. But before you do anything, you should pause and consider how you utilize your home.

Is it really necessary to dedicate a portion of your living room to a dining area that you use only twice a year if you always dine in the kitchen or out? Analyze the activities you create in the space that has to be supplied and the amount of time you devote to each one. In light of it, prioritize some above others. You must modify your home, not the other way around.

3. Scale and proportions: take measures

It is crucial to seek for furniture that is the right size and proportion for the area where it will be placed. It's possible that you've fallen in love with your friend's sofa and want one just like it, but will it fit in your little living room?

Measure the area that has to be provided properly and portray it on paper. If you lack drawing skills, do not be concerned; we can assist you. And now for a fantastic idea: Cutting pieces of paper or using masking tape with the measurements of the furniture you prefer and testing your position on the room directly are simple and intuitive ways to organize furniture in space. You can experiment with several placements of the parts in addition to measuring and comparing proportions until you discover the one that is most acceptable and best utilizes the available space.

4. Harmony: materials and colors

The furniture must blend in with the style of the room in which it is placed. This implies that you must consider the color of the walls, the floor, and any unique features of the ceiling. If your home is neutral, with soft, light hues, continuous flooring, or wood, you can mix designs and colors fearlessly. However, if the room, for instance, has a hydraulic floor with a lot of color and visual weight, you will need to look for lighter furniture that does not interfere with and detract from the visual effect of the pavement. In this instance, light wooden or metal constructions and raised furniture with legs will aid in achieving this.

5. Avoid the rush

When it comes to furnishing your home, try not to rush or make impulsive purchases. It takes time to be clear about your wants and preferences, as well as to consider costs, materials, and quality. Rushing increases the likelihood of purchasing anything that does not suit size, style, or function. Choose your favorite option, then consider it for a few days.

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