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Sharne Labuschagne


A Bit About Sharne

Sharne is a young passionate, determined and goal-driven designer. She is fond of being in – and designing aesthetically pleasing spaces and loves 3D modelling. She continually strives to inspire and uplift those around her and has a bubbly mind and personality.

Her goal with every project is to design a unique space in terms of joinery and furniture that is specific to her client’s taste and style. She enjoys using soft colours whilst combining them with funky patterns and textures. Her intent is always to wow her clients with a never-seen-before design. Sharne enjoyed studying History of Interior Design whilst in college, virtually travelling around the world in her lecture room, and has grown fond of the beauty in architecture and interiors.

Sharne’s interests outside of work are, music, reading, art and travelling as well as spending time with her family and friends.


Sharne Moodboard
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